The arrangement of many photovoltaic cells, namely artificial silicon semiconductors, requires an installation that at first glance shows a relatively simple matter. However, it is not because it requires careful and careful steps and a good knowledge of the technology in question, as well as the legislation in force.
ELECTRO SOLUTIONS with long-term experience and expertise in photovoltaics is a guarantee of the correct installation, excellent quality and smooth operation of the installation, which is entirely dependent on the regular and correct maintenance of the network and the panels. Maintenance of photovoltaic systems is often considered unnecessary, with serious consequences for the entire installation.

Inspection of cables and connectors for moisture, prevention of future failures by means of thermography of the equipment with a special heating camera and full contact with the companies for replacement of faulty equipment, is the pleasant routine of the ELECTRO SOLUTIONS technical department. A series of checks, measurements, observations and cleanings of individual components results in: