The technical company ELECTRO SOLUTIONS, specialized in Renewable Energy Sources, provides integrated, smart and innovative solutions to energy saving and undertakes projects all over Greece:
  • photovoltaic panel installations
  • wind turbine installations
  • net metering
  • specialized electrical projects
  • termination of photovoltaic projects on behalf of third parties
  • smart homes
  • certifications and more

How we do

ELECTRO SOLUTIONS can offer you the most reliable, state-of-the-art products to meet your own specialized needs thanks to its collaboration with leading international brands in the field of renewable energy and electrical equipment such as: Conergy, Sharp, Kyosera , Krannich Solar, Sunpower, Philips, Osram, Hager, Coastal, Sunway.

Excellent know-how, impeccable professionalism and the rich experience of its members and associates (engineers, electricians, installers, conservators, craftsmen) are key features of the company that highlight it and value it in the field.

ELECTRO SOLUTIONS responds promptly to your every inclination, develops in-depth studies according to your individual needs and requirements, proposes economical and integrated solutions, explaining the benefits of Renewable Energy Sources, implements consistently and seriousness the agreed work and provides you with ongoing and ongoing support on maintenance, service and education.




ELECTRO - SOLUTIONS has been active in the field of electrical installations since 2005, based in Polygyros, Halkidiki. It was founded by electrician engineer Mikhail Koukoumpi and consists of a team of engineers, electricians and technicians with many years of experience and excellent know-how in electrical installations.
Its object is to study, design, implement and technically support "clean energy" projects such as photovoltaic (autonomous or interconnected), wind turbines, "smart homes", etc., applying innovative techniques to a wide range of electrical and electronic installations and in a variety of fields.
At the same time, it has a commercial piece for the supply and sale of branded photovoltaic panels, wind turbines, electrical systems of buildings, automation and various electrical equipment of excellent quality, high standard and economic efficiency, at unbeatable prices, accompanied by direct after sales service.
Our goals in ELECTRO SOLUTIONS are:
• Integrated solutions for each project, small or large, for every need of our individual client.
• Works pioneering, cost-effective, time-efficient.
• Immediate, consistent and excellent execution of each project we undertake.
• Continuous specialization and training of our staff in fast-growing technologies, market trends and constantly changing laws and subsidies.
• Continuous enrichment of the wide range of products we market with state-of-the-art products, certified by leading companies in the international market for electrical equipment.
ELECTRO SOLUTIONS provides complete solutions for projects concerning: houses, villas, apartment buildings, office buildings, public buildings, industrial buildings, energy parks, shops, hotels, conference centers, warehouses, showrooms, institutions etc.



Renewable energies (RES) or mild energies or green energy are forms of exploitable energy derived from various physical processes such as sun (solar energy), wind (wind), earth (geothermal), water circulation ( ocean energy, hydropower, hydrothermal, osmotic), gas, biomass and others. RES is abundant in the natural environment, it is practically inexhaustible, its use does not pollute the environment and its exploitation is limited only by the development of reliable and economically acceptable technologies that will aim at its commitment their potential.

For their exploitation, no active intervention, such as mining, pumping or combustion, is required, but only the exploitation of the existing energy flow in nature. These are "clean" forms of energy, very "friendly" to the environment, which do not release hydrocarbons, carbon dioxide or toxic and radioactive waste, RES today are the basis of the green growth model

Technological changes have made RES much more cost competitive than other more traditional sources of energy such as oil and lignite.

Increasing energy use by renewable energy sources, but also the facility Directorate of consumers to become producers themselves, are the main objectives of the European Commission proposal, adopted in principle (general approach), the Council of EU Energy Ministers The agreement paves the way for the Council to enter into negotiations with the European Parliament as soon as it adopts its negotiating mandate (co-decision procedure). is committed to increasing by 2030 the share of renewable energy in its total energy consumption to at least 27%. The new legislation covers bioenergy, sustainability, transport, electricity, heating and cooling, and focuses on empowering consumers. Facilitating and enhancing the use of renewable energy by consumers is a key element of the Council's position. Renewable Energy Sources (Renewable Energy Sources) are dynamically entering the investment game. Greek banks and the European Bank for Reconstruction and Development (EBRD) support RES investments.